1950's Retro Rock Musician Bio's

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Lead Guitar / Vocals

Richard fell in love with the guitar at the age of 14 and has never lost that love. He
has played a wide variety of styles including, Rock, folk, jazz, blues, reggae, ska, metal, turkish folk songs and children music. He was the music director for a play based on 'wreck beach', a popular Vancouver nudist beach, and performed in his birthday suit.

He has jammed with Roger Fisher from the band 'Heart', and played a long set of Jimi Hendrix songs with the world renowned Nigel Kennedy.

Most recently he formed Pure Petty, a tribute to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, performing at soft seat theatres and festivals.





Keys / Vocals

For the past several years Ralph Barrat has been making a name for himself singing jazz up and down the Island, Vancouver, and abroad, crooning with many jazz bands from small to big, and often seen performing and singing behind a piano.


Also playing for Princess Cruises in 2016, Ralph follows the stylings of great piano vocalists Nat King Cole, Harry Connick Jr, Jerry Lee Lewis and others. He covers all kinds of jazz, pop, and rock music, accompanied by his own sensitive, rhythmic keyboard (piano, organ, vibes).


With RRR, Ralph is delighted to be channeling his inner rock and roll upon which he was brought up. Visit: www.ralphbarrat.com

Mike Berman

Drums / Backing Vocals

Mike was born in Montreal and was banging on pots and pans before he could walk. After becoming inspired by the rock movement of the 60’s, he toured with bands throughout Canada and the US, stopping in New York to record the cult hit album Stone Circus.


One of Mike’s biggest “claims to fame” was drumming in the opening act for Elton John at the Montreal Forum. Over the years, Mike worked on musical projects with the late Jim Clench (of April Wine and BTO fame).


He relocated to the West Coast in the 80's, and drummed with Al Foreman from 1988-94–playing to a packed room every night in the house band at Jake O’Grady’s Roadhouse in Vancouver.  He was also with the top forty band "The HitZ", in the Vancouver area from 2009-2015.


Recent accomplishments have been laying down the drum tracks on Ryder Bachman’s most current album (2017) and Todd Butler’s album “Back from the Brink” (2017), as well as playing live with those two artists. 

Terry Marshall

Vocals / Rhythm Guitar

Terry is a veteran of the stage. He has been performing to delighted audiences for 30 years.


He has been involved with original projects that have put his songs on Much Music and regular rotation on radio air play. He is an accomplished bass player, a powerhouse on the acoustic guitar and a charismatic performer as a lead singer.


His most recent project has had him performing at 3 Beatlefest events in The Cavern Club in Liverpool England. He has an open invitation to perform there.

 Terry has a unique ability to mimic voices such as Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, John Lennon and many others.


Combined with his mastery of the stage he has been leaving audiences always wanting more.

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Jim Papp

Bass / Vocals

Jim has been a musical force for over 40 years.

Playing live or recording, his experience shows with all endeavours.   

As a vocalist, guitarist, bassist and songwriter, his talents are in demand.

Performing with the likes of Sue Medley, Jerry Doucette,  Anela Kahiamoe, Comox and Friends, Michael Johnson, John Mang and Retro Rock Revival, to name a few, Jim is a tireless and solid performer.